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iteration 10, portraits (free downloadable PDF publication)

iteration 10, portraits (free downloadable PDF publication)

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mothermother’s tenth iteration featured all members so far. iteration 10 was presented at the 2021 auckland art fair. each artist selected a significant person or entity – living, in memory or imagined – to thank, acknowledge, challenge or reach out to. the white walls were transformed by a professional scene painter into stripes of grimy wallpaper dotted with painted forget-me-nots. the fair booth became a room or a stage set for the collection of conceptual portraits – sculpture, photographs, texts, paintings, retraced stitches, song lyrics.

iteration 10 included a publication documenting work by all 22 members of the collective. The book includes an introductory text, contributions from each artist, and three essays exploring the project's take on portraiture, a history of women's art groups in Aotearoa, and an analysis of the artistic economy of reproductive labour.

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