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Ray Ching – Aesop’s Outback Fables

Ray Ching – Aesop’s Outback Fables

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Aesop’s Outback Fables is the third edition in the anthology of works by renowned artist Ray Ching. He has painted over 200 works for this volume and has hand written the accompanying text, which chronicles Aesop’s imaginary expedition into the Australian Outback.

Born in Wellington in 1939, Raymond Ching is widely considered the be one of the world’s foremost contemporary bird painters.

“This book of fables is the place I have been for a year or two past, finding the Romance of the Lyrebird with Alex Chisholm, joining Thomas Baines in mortal combat with monster crocodiles, considering the fate of lost Bristle-birds and wondering at the subtleties of an Apostlebird’s plumage. I wouldn’t have missed it for anything, and I do hope that you may have found something to interest you in these pages, or at very least take with you the knowledge that you should allow twenty-five years for a bird’s egg in a glass-topped drawer to turn completely over”. – Ray Ching

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