After Medea

Alicia tote 1200x1785 q90

After Medea, Alicia Frankovich, 2012, courtesy of Artspace Aotearoa.

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Alicia Frankovich
After Medea

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Alicia Frankovich works primarily in performance and film. Frankovich explores the performativity of the body, investigating its identity and presence in physical and social spaces, and its relation to other bodies. The potential and limitations of the body are central to Frankovich’s work, and its capacity for both plurality and failure. Frankovich’s objects possess a unique presence in space, conveying both the materiality of the body, and the bodily nature of their materials. Frankovich emphasises the capacity for conversation between her works, their physical separation allowing for exchanges of energy.

Each work possesses its own temporality, the dialogue between the objects forming new plural and layered senses of time and space. The works point to a physical life outside the boundaries of the artwork, leaving the viewer with only traces. Frankovich reflects and builds on the notion of the trace, creating opportunities for conversations between her works. The sculptures interact conceptually, conversions of different narratives that are as much present as they are absent.

Frankovich is interested in transitional states, the body’s movement from one form to another. She challenges the definitions and modes of the body, exploring the relationship between restraint and release. Her work reaches towards deeper senses of plurality, pushing the viewer to consider bodies beyond their physical conditions.

Frankovich explores plurality through shared social contexts, choreographing performative embodiments of work and leisure. Everyday actions are abstracted, placed into the gallery context and opened for reinterpretation. Frankovich subverts the habitual, opening the viewer to the performative status of all actions, and the movements of the benign and mundane.

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