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Angel (Omega)

Miles Hendricks
Angel (Omega)

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Simultaneously imaginary and culturally concrete, Miles Hendricks’ works revolve around a cast of essential and idiomatic subjects or characters: doves, cats, wizards, castles, toadstools, clowns and dragons. These images collectively speak to the anachronisms and contradictions which typify our current paradigm. With narrativity sidling the clichéd intersubjective (kitsch) and also the personal, irony and sincerity are enmeshed, and so too are fantasy and the everyday.

Miles Hendricks (b.1997, Wellington) graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours), from CoCA Massey, Wellington in 2018. Recently exhibition highlights include Little, Big (with Lily McRae), Furniture Gallery, Auckland (2020), The Velvet Ropes, Shrine NYC and Sergeants and Daughters, New York (2019), Smiling and Despised, Perth and Krakow (2019), Spring.1883, Sydney, with Sumer (2019), and The Widening Gyre, Sumer (2018). An exhibition of Hendricks and McRae’s work is also planned for late 2020 at Sumer.

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