Artspace Turns 21 (print series)

Jim speers 1200x1501 q90

Jim Speers, Artspace Turns 21 (print series), 2008, courtesy of Artspace Aotearoa.

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Jim Speers
Artspace Turns 21 (print series)

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Jim Speers [b.1970, Zambia] is a multi-disciplinary artist working across a range of diverse media including sculpture, installation, filmmaking and in art in the public realm. Speers is well known for creating luminous light boxes and objects that reference nostalgia and corporatism through abstract art. More recently, Speers is known for gentle-toned light boxes that offer soft mediations of mass and light, echoing the stripped-down aesthetic ideals of the luminescent geometry of the 1960s Californian Light and Space movement.

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