Artspace Turns 21 (print series)

John armleder 1200x1501 q90

John Armleder, Artspace Turns 21 (print series), 2008, courtesy of Artspace Aotearoa.

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John Armleder
Artspace Turns 21 (print series)

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John Armleder’s work for the Artspace Aotearoa Edition Series are silk-screen prints on paper that are internally referential. Employing iconic motifs of abstraction, colour and design to reflect on the ornamental status of the artwork.

John Armleder’s (b. 1948, Geneva) work encompasses drawing, painting, sculpture and performance. A co-founder of the Ecart Group (1969), Armleder is closely affiliated with the Fluxus movement. Armleder’s work is loaded with influences and references that elude classification, characterized by a deep interconnectedness between life and art, and the appropriation of objects and language.

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