Artspace Turns 21 (print series)

Fiona connor 1200x1501 q90

Fiona Connor, Artspace Turns 21 (print series), 2008, courtesy of Artspace Aotearoa.

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Fiona Connor
Artspace Turns 21 (print series)

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When individuals walk into a space, the space is what they have in common.
–Fiona Connor, A letter, office move, and book, 2009, Adam Art Gallery

Fiona Connor’s work creates physical situations which force the viewer to negotiate a standpoint, using the institutions and architectures that have exhibited her work as a starting point. Employing building materials, commercial fittings and a 1:1 scale, Connor aims to exhibit work that is dually real and representative. Connor activates common spaces, initiating dialogues with the forces that are responsible for them.
Connor approaches the notion of the site with specificity and sensitivity. She sees organisational structures as material, consistently engaging in conversations about what we intrinsically face when approaching a site.

Connor quotes the infrastructures that are her subjects directly, or through replication, acting out the process of their manufacture and the effects of their immediate environment. Using paint, wax and trompe l’oeil, Connor investigates the liminal area between crafted and found objects, occupying a space between direct intervention and selective representation. Field work is essential to Connor’s practice, using drawing to transcend mediums and engage with her subject matter in a holistic way.

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