Chasing Victory

Peter Miller
Chasing Victory

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Auckland based artist Peter Miller produces contemporary paintings in the genres of still life and portraiture.

In Miller’s still life series, the artist incorporates worn and used objects to indicate the impermanence of material possessions and the fragile quality of life itself. Miller depicts the iconic Fun Ho! toys unique to NZ, representative of the passing of childhood. Such works provoke a sense of nostalgia for a youth lost, no longer attainable, a time of innocence and simplicity.

Peter Miller is an acclaimed artist and has been a regular finalist in some of New Zealand’s most prestigious art awards - most recently winning the Molly Morpeth Canady Art Award and a being awarded as a finalist in the Wallace Art Awards. His work features in public and private collections across Europe, USA and Australasia, including a number of works in the James Wallace Arts Trust in Auckland.

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