In the desert perfume of those ancient kings i-vi

Kim Pieters
In the desert perfume of those ancient kings i-vi

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Kim Pieters’ edition for Artspace Aotearoa exemplifies her interest in the relationship between text and image, pairing delicate watercolour drawings with poetic references to the ancient Arabian trade routes of frankincense and myrrh.

Kim Pieters is a nonrepresentational painter who has also worked in photography, writing, experimental filmmaking and music. Pieters creates work around the relationship between image and text, juxtaposing them to create spaces which allow the viewer to think and feel something new. She sees the image and text as autonomous and resonant domains, investigating the viewer’s awareness of thought, and the responsibility in engaging with, or denying it.

Her paintings can be described as nonlinear and modular, possessing an openness of interpretation that transcends formal principles and composition. Pieters’ works are delicate and intricate integrations of fluid and line, multiple washes of watercolour creating textured veils of colour activated by contrasting dribbles.

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