In the Glasshouse, Outside (Matareva Garden)

Erica van Zon In the glasshouse Matareva garden framed 2019

Erica van Zon, In the glasshouse (Matareva garden), framed, 2019. Courtesy the artist and Jhana Millers Gallery.

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Erica van Zon
In the Glasshouse, Outside (Matareva Garden)

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From the series 6 Days in Samoa first shown at the Auckland Art Fair in 2019. This series of works explores the veneer one encounters when they enter as a contemporary tourist into an Island ‘Paradise’. Inspired by her recent travels to Upolu, Western Samoa, and the proliferation of online travel imagery, van Zon repurposes her own travel snaps through contemporary embroidery, photography and beadwork. Collectors can expect to see more of her clever, playful and recognisable observations of the world around us, rich with humour, pastiche, and texture.

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