Morven bricks

CF 001 copy

Chauncey Flay, Morven VI, 2019. Image courtesy of Weasel Gallery, by Mark Hamilton.

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Chauncey Flay
Morven bricks

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Sculptor, Chauncey Flay, works across a number of materials including New Zealand greywacke, Takaka marble, Cook Island coral, and brick. Guided by fortuitous encounters with new materials, Flay was introduced to Homebush bricks at Morven homestead after meeting another artist whose family (the Deans’) owned the property. Located in Darfield, just outside of Christchurch, the homestead was damaged beyond repair during the 2010 Christchurch earthquakes. The family also owned the Homebush brick works, which their homestead was built with.

Through his practice, Flay pays homage to the provenance of the materials used. Employing broken, discarded and forgotten materials, Flays practice reflects our shared relationships with time, history, and fragility.

Note: Each work is unique, with various faceted surfaces, moss, and residue from the location.

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