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Relic from In Transit (Arrival)

Yona lee 1

Yona Lee, Relic from In Transit (Arrival), 2018 (blue). Courtesy of the artist and Te Tuhi.

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Yona Lee
Relic from In Transit (Arrival)

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Yona Lee, Relic from In Transit (Arrival)
INDEX Magazine's pick of the Editions on ArtNow.NZ

" Relic from In Transit is a physical snippet from Yona Lee's 2017 mass tube installation, which looked at control of infrastructures and systems but holds particularly timely connotations for 2020. In a year that delivered a global pandemic, the bus ideation offers a sense of community but the buzzer wording sums up our feelings. STOP, we're ready to get off this ride."
- INDEX Magazine, October 2020

Relic from In Transit (Arrival) by Yona Lee was conceived by the artist and Te Tuhi as a memento of her highly acclaimed In Transit (Arrival installation commissioned by Te Tuhi in association with Auckland Arts Festival. The fragment consists of a bus buzzer mounted on stainless steel tube, which evokes the large scale installation presented at Te Tuhi’s foyer. The artist has created a bespoke box to contain the distinctive component.

Commissioned by Te Tuhi in connection with the exhibition Yona Lee: In Transit (Arrival), 11 March – 19 November 2017.

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