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The Fable of the Flute and The Picolo

The Fable of the Flute and The Picolo


Utilising the Gouttelette process renders the print almost indistinguishable from the original. It is an entirely new digital printing process which is the next stage along the evolutionary chain from the giclée method. Derived from the French word for “droplet”, goutteletteTM is a combination of huge technological developments in the printing world which enables publication of reproductions of the very highest quality and fidelity to the original.

The Ray Ching limited editions are printed with light fast inks to BS 1006 standard on acid-free calcium carbonate-buffered stock made from 100% cotton sourced from environmentally conscious paper suppliers. This new process also allows the use of uncoated papers, which are excellent for image reproduction because they allow the ink to travel down the paper fibres more easily and into the sheet itself (“wicking”).

Each print is then hand sorted and individually checked for quality by the printer before a certificate, numbered and signed by the artist is applied and the work is then archivally framed using U/V proof glass.

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