Rachael Dewhirst

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Rachael Dewhirst creates expressionist images that explore chance and spontaneity. Dewhirst's works sit between abstraction and representation offering moments of symbolism amid impasto applications and translucent washes. The energy the artist injects into her application translates to bold and optimistic images that demonstrate a joy and pleasure in the act of making. As the artist describes: “I love the process... but a lot happens by chance... for me the best work is made when I am fearless...”

Many of Dewhirst's paintings offer a collage like aesthetic, reminiscent of Matisse, with the use of masking and layered cut-out shapes. In Dewhirst’s most recent pieces, she takes inspiration from wilder New Zealand and international landscapes. Her intention is to relay the feeling of exhilaration and energy felt in nature through her work.

Rachael Dewhirst gained a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons). She has work in the James Wallace Trust collection and the University of Canterbury collection.

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