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Jan van der Ploeg 2020 Untitled 84 x 67 cm silkscreen print edition 20 SYMETRIA

Jan van der Ploeg, Untitled, 2020, 84 x 67 cm, silkscreen print, edition of 20.

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Jan van der Ploeg

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Jan Van der Ploeg has developed a unique visual language of abstract geometric forms that he reworks to create an abundance of bold, colourful and energetic patterns. This new screen print in brilliant blue with its cool, hard edge forms is referencing his earlier paintings that have a musical analogy. This composition may resemble musical notations yet it evades singular interpretation. Fitting then his trademark rounded form with its pointed tail is often referred to as a “flipper”. The work is playful and unburdened, as van der Ploeg has shed the ideology of modernist abstraction and instead continually reworks formal elements to innovate endless singular combinations of colour and form.

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