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Untitled (Cat)

David Shrigley
Untitled (Cat)

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This recent screen print by UK artist David Shrigley is exclusive to Two Rooms, an acknowledgement of his three solo exhibitions with the gallery since 2015. Shrigley is best known for his distinctive drawing style and works that are deadpan in humour. He first made prints while studying at Glasgow School of Art by experimenting with woodcuts, lithographs, etchings and monoprints. His screen prints, however, are a more recent development in his practice.

The artist explains, “the motivation for making them was that in the last seven or eight years I've made a lot of colour work on paper, acrylic paint on paper and I'm really aware that when you make works on paper they disappear quite quickly.” Shrigley continues, “I found that making screen prints was a way of kind of keeping hold of the work... it allows for the work still to be around somehow and for it to be seen in a lot of different places.”

Recurring themes and thoughts pervade Shrigley’s screen prints, capturing child-like views of the world, the perspective of animals and the appreciation or criticism of music. This quick-witted work reveals an ambiguous and somewhat anxious proposition, laying bare the comedy and pathos of everyday life.

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