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“I will always fight ‘til the end of my painting days to allow glitter to have the freedom to talk past the definitions it's been placed in. I think it's a courtesy we owe to everything. To allow everything to be bigger than the sum of its parts.”

Join us for an evening of conversation between artist Reuben Paterson and Dr Hinemoa Elder.

The Only Dream Left is the largest exhibition to date of Reuben Paterson’s world-bending practice, celebrating his almost three-decade career. Through the magical and transformative properties of light, visitors are invited to navigate the sparkling constellations created by his artworks in the galleries. The histories and stories woven into their lavish colours, forms and materials fill the spaces with imagination and ideas. This exhibition acknowledges Paterson’s immense contribution to the art and culture of Aotearoa and reveals bold new directions and moves for the artist’s career.

Presented alongside The Only Dream Left, this evening's discussion presents a special opportunity for audiences to hear Paterson reflect on his practice in conversation with Dr Hinemoa Elder. Together they will look back over his practice while thinking about the journey forward. Expect provocation, intimacy, and joy. Come and hear the stories to be found when we explore the kaleidoscopic playground of Paterson practice.

Galleries will be open 5.30pm-7pm for a chance to see The Only Dream Left.

Conversation 7pm-8pm.

Cash bar will be available.


  • Donation Appreciated


  • Thu 27 Apr


  • 5:30 pm — 8:00 pm

City Gallery Wellinton Te Whare Toi

  • Civic Square, 101 Wakefield Street
  • Wellington 6140