Featuring Dr Emily Beausoleil and Conversations with My Immigrant Parents Podcast.

'In a system which forces you into being cruel, finding beauty is a way to survive. Creating beauty is a way to still feel you are human. To write a love poem in that system... it reminds them that you are human, you are not a number. It challenges the picture that the media have of you as a dangerous criminal.' –Behrouz Boochani at Acoustic Leaks event, Gus Fisher Gallery, 16.11.2019.

You are warmly invited to Act Two of our two part event series Acoustic Leaks, which asks what kind of environment do we need to construct in order to hear each other better?

Building upon the discussions in Act One, particularly Behrouz Boochani's discussion of language and messaging around asylum seekers, this event will investigate how to listen in contemporary politics.

Full schedule coming soon.


  • Free


  • Sat 14 Dec


  • 2:00 pm — 4:00 pm


  • Level 4, The Kenneth Myers Centre
  • 74 Shortland St
  • Auckland, 1010