James Lingwood, Co-Director of Artangel, London, will survey a range of projects commissioned by Artangel involving a relationship between an artist and a specific site or situation.

Several of these projects were made in London, where Artangel is based, including Steve McQueen's Year 3, made with over 1500 primary schools in London, and Andrea Luka Zimmerman and Adrian Jackson's feature-length film Here for Life, Francis Alys's Seven Walks and Susan Philipsz's Surround Me. The talk will also survey a site-specific project in Reading Prison including 22 artists and writers, and long-term projects by Roni Horn in Iceland and Mike Kelley in Detroit.

About Artangel

Over the past 30 years, Artangel has commissioned, produced and presented over a hundred site-specific projects by artists, composers, writers and filmmakers. Based in London and led by James Lingwood and Michael Morris, notable Artangel projects include House by Rachel Whiteread (1993), Break Down by Michael Landy (2001), The Battle of Orgreave by Jeremy Deller (2001), Seizure by Roger Hiorns (2008–2010), Inside: Artists and Writers in Reading Prison (2016), An Occupation of Loss by Taryn Simon (2018) and this autumn, Year 3 by Steve McQueen across London and at Tate Britain. Working in unconventional settings, Artangel has always gone where others fear to tread, collaborating with artists who defy boundaries to give form to extraordinary ideas.


  • Free


  • Tue 10 Dec


  • 6:00 pm — 7:00 pm


  • Parnell Train Station Building
  • 23 Cheshire St
  • Auckland