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Stella Brennan with curator, interdisciplinary art historian, and writer Dr. Su Ballard.

Two X chromosomes reach through millennia, delivering the realities and rigours of roughly half of humankind. A play on the doubled X chromosome and subversive of the glib evaluation of women’s ‘x factor’, Trish Clark Gallery presents the 3rd iteration of The XX Factor — 2016’s The XX Factor broadly focused on the politics of identity and included international luminaries alongside local artists, while 2020’s The XX Factor 2.0 broadly focused on existential themes in pandemic times. The XX Factor 3.0, broadly focused on portraiture, shines a lens on the practices of nine local artists spanning three generations whose works engage with expanded notions of portraiture.

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  • Free


  • Wed 06 Dec


  • 6:00 pm — 7:00 pm


  • 142 Great North Road
  • Grey Lynn
  • Auckland 1021