Join us to hear artist Hemi Macgregor discuss his solo exhibition, Waiora, a body of work which explores stories of the environment and the way our lives are set within it. Macgregor draws on the specific geometric structures, patterns and processes found in raranga, tukutuku and tāniko, putting customary Māori knowledge into dialogue with his current context and reality.

The patterns and forms used in Waiora speak directly to values, beliefs and attitudes held by Māori around abundance and sustainability. Patterns such as pātiki reference the abundance of flounder in the summer months, as they move from the oceans into rivers with the warming of the waters. Other works originate from observing the changing of the seasons moving from the winter months – watching the natural environment come alive with the flowering and fruiting of new life, from considering the movement of light on the surface of water to a sea of falling kowhai flowers.

Selected recent exhibitions include Matarau, City Gallery Wellington, 2022; Toitū Te Whenua, Toitū Te Moana, Toitū Te Tangata, Mahara Gallery, 2021; Toi Tū, Toi Ora, Auckland Art Gallery, 2020-2021.


  • Sat 17 Dec


  • 1:30 pm — 2:30 pm


  • 201 Eastbourne Street East
  • Hastings 4122