Work with Stars start falling artist Salome Tanuvasa and learn to think about the colours found in your environment and how to use it as a source of inspiration for making art. In this workshop you will be encouraged to think about materials and the action needed to bring both material and action into space.

Workshop participants are asked to bring along two or three images to the workshop and will make an abstract work in response to them. The images can be anything you like from a family photograph, snapshots of your home or garden, an image of a place that is special to you, or an image you found in a magazine and loved simply because it was colourful. Either physical or digital images are fine.

Salome will help participants look at scale and actions produced, so a series of paper works will be made to get the creative process started. The workshop is suitable for everyone – regardless of your art making experience. All you need are your images and enthusiasm, everything else is provided for you. Bookings are essential.


  • $15 per session


  • Sun 25 Jul


  • 1:30 pm — 4:00 pm


  • 42 Queen Street
  • Ngāmotu New Plymouth