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Join artist Monique Jansen as she demonstrates the art of charcoal, in this biochar drawing workshop.

Learn about the process of how biochar is made and where your charcoal tools come from.

Participants will be led through the process, with this homemade Biochar made the previous day from the burn at Parihaka. The product was then ground by hand in a mortar and pestle and mixed with methyl cellulose to create a non-toxic ink/paint. Biochar is a carbon sequestering process that converts carbonous biomass into biochar, a stable, highly porous charcoal high in organic carbon.

Jansen of Auckland University of Technology, is an artist in Te Au: Liquid Constituencies, a co-founder of Drawing Open, and is part of Te Waituhi ā Nuku/Drawing Ecologies. She is interested in whether ecological thinking be applied to a drawing practice.

Early booking advised, limited spaces.

Adult only workshop as participants will be using sharp knives.

A portion of class fees will go towards the Kuku biochar project.


  • $20


  • Sun 26 Feb


  • 1:30 pm — 4:30 pm


  • 42 Queen Street
  • Ngāmotu New Plymouth