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What makes something precious? What is your relationship to preciousness? Talking all things on heirlooms, rituals, sacredness and adornments, ‘traditions’ around body parts, performances and crafts as tools for artists to draw on.

An online talanoa with four artists from Enjoy’s current exhibition Bling Ring

Hosted by: Etanah Talapā

Artists: Nââwié Tutugoro, Jenny Takahashi Palmer, Clementine Edwards and Louie Zalk-Neale

RSVP to etanah@enjoy.org.nz

About Bling Ring

Precious items can have an important role in ritual and performance, with connections to sacred and intimate body parts; be it a handmade vessel we drink water out of, a comb we brush our hair with, or an elegant ring passed down from generations. They can be made of rare materials, be well-crafted and artisanal, but moreover tend to have emotional significance or spiritual importance, something that is passed on and carried through us, evoking the memory and presence of loved ones.

Bling Ring asks five craft-based artists, working across contemporary art, sculpture, jewellery, garment-making, performance and embroidery to create artworks that are underscored by personal notions of preciousness.


  • Tue 16 Nov


  • 6:30 pm — 7:30 pm


  • Online zia zoom
  • RSVP to etanah@enjoy.org.nz