Envy6011 is pleased to present Blowout by Nayan Patel and Taylor J. Wagstaff. Faded old shop sale signs now sparkling in glitter, shopping bags stand in for canvases and semi realistic paintings of a tattooed arm all act as cultural signifiers to question authenticity, trends and meaning.

A star, once a symbol reminiscent of Divine Guidance and hope, now sits hollowed-out and permanently etched onto the canvas/skin. The work on the wall initially says image more than it does painting. Different elements of the appropriated tattoo photo are more certain than others, whilst the warped perspective eeks out an uncanny bizzaro tone. We are reminded of our own tattoos, our own attempts at identity, the images’ ink that slowly fades into skin, softening and blurring once defined edges.

All must go! A humbling reminder of a shop front once stuffed with anxious ambition now succumbed to fast fashion and chain store brutality. An old hair bow now hardened and crystallised - much like retail stores that come and go, so do artists and galleries, often only images remain, lost deep within the world wide web, emerging sporadically to be reblogged on Tumblr. All must go! And what if it doesn’t?

Dust has turned into glitter, a signal for hope? One last push to be remembered? The muscular arm acts as a metaphor for strength and pushing through, blowing out over four canvas panels. Will they last? Only time will tell..

Song lyrics by Emmanuelle will accompany the exhibition.

Nayan Patel (b. 1998) is a contemporary New Zealand artist originally from Kirikiriroa, but now lives and works in Tāmaki Makaurau. At present he works within a sculptural practice, his work is often related to domestic and familiar objects such as bags, mirrors, and clothing. Recent shows include: The Dotted Line, Satchi & Satchi & Satchi, Auckland (2021); Still Life, Parasite, Auckland (2021); SALON DE LA MORT, Auckland Art Fair, (2021); and Nayan Patel, Parasite, Auckland (2022).

Taylor J. Wagstaff (b. 1991) completed a BFA at Massey University Wellington in 2013, an MFA at Elam School of Fine Arts Auckland in 2015, and is currently enrolled in Elam's doctoral programme which he hopes to complete sometime this year. He recently held a solo exhibition, Smooth Signs at Coastal Signs, Auckland (2022).


  • Nayan Patel
  • Taylor J. Wagstaff


  • Fri 29 Apr


  • 5:30 pm — 7:30 pm


  • Level 2, 22 Garrett St
  • Te Aro
  • Pōneke, Wellington