The exhibition Mark Work celebrates the joy of mark making in all its forms - stamping, brushing, smearing, rubbing, hammering, tracing. The ability to create through spontaneous and experimental action. As part of Mark Work, we are hosting a rolling cast of tutors for a series of drawing sessions.

Each tutor will suggest alternative ways of tackling a drawing, taking inspiration from the different processes seen in the exhibition.

Contemporary jeweller Shelley Norton is fascinated by how we construct meaning, and by how this production, in turn, defines, supports, and constrains us in our daily existence.

A sense of curiosity, playfulness and spontaneity are the key ingredients for Shelley Norton’s session, which will explore drawing with readymade materials and engage in spontaneous drawing techniques like blind drawing and Dada poetry.

Participants are encouraged to bring along two curious small-to-medium-sized objects that they would like to draw.

This workshop is for people of any age who are keen to learn new ways of seeing and drawing things.

Shelley Norton’s making practice spans 25 years. She has a Bachelor of Visual Arts from Auckland University (2002). Norton has exhibited extensively in Aotearoa and overseas, including the group exhibitions Wunderruma, Munich, and Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland (2015); Entfesself-Schmuckfohne Grenzen, Zurich (2012), and Jewellery Unleashed, Group Exhibition, Modern Art Arnhem, The Netherlands (2011).


  • $8.00


  • Sun 15 May


  • 11:00 am — 12:30 pm


  • 13 Rose Road
  • Ponsonby, Auckland 1021