A self-guided audiophonic walk. Download the composition from http://walkingabout.nz.

Sound artist Andrew McMillan has composed an answer to the question what sound happens just out of sight, just out of earshot, just before we arrive and right after we’ve left? Using environmental sensors and field recordings, he has created an audiophonic walk for the Te Auaunga / Oakley Creek walkway and Waterview shared pathway. The composition augments the audible environment listeners are walking through with sonification – sounds based on environmental data gathered at each site – and field recordings gathered from easily seen and hidden spaces along the path. The result McMillan hopes for is that walkers will gain a heightened awareness of the local environment by undertaking a sensory journey. One that opens up and extends the aural experience and sound memories of our environment.

Between the 18th of March and the 22nd of April, people are invited to download the composition for a walk onto their preferred listening device and, headphones on, journey along the Te Auaunga / Oakley Creek walkway and Waterview Shared pathway.

[Guided listening walks with the artist have been postponed due to COVID-19, please check back for updates.]

Participants are also invited to contribute their recordings of this walkway to future compositions by uploading the file and recording details here.

Echo Eco Echo has been created in collaboration with John Coulter and Chris O’Connor. It has received generous support from Auckland Council and Albert-Eden Local Board.


  • Free


  • Wed 18 Mar — Wed 22 Apr


  • Starts at Harbutt Reserve, Mt Albert