Fox Jensen McCrory Gallery presents Evenfall a group exhibition featuring the work of Matthew Allen, Helmut Federle, Ceara Metlikovec, Winston Roeth, Günter Umberg & Coen Young.

This exhibition explores the “mesopic” state which marks the transition between the cones and rods in the internal architecture of the eye. As this exchange occurs amidst waning light the more sensitive rods come to the fore allowing a new, heightened receptivity to colour.

Like fast twitch fibres that allow an athlete to run fast, these cones and rods may be unevenly distributed amongst us. Whatever the science of this, the artists in this exhibition seem to be blessed with a hypersensitivity to the dance between colour and light that occurs on the cusp of darkness.


  • Thu 16 May


  • 5:30 pm


  • 10 Putiki Street
  • Auckland, 1021