Dunedin Public Art Gallery


Make time this weekend to watch a curated screening by Sonya Lacey and Robyn Maree Pickens, available for 24 hours only.

In response to the exhibition Totally Dark, Sonya and Robyn have curated a selection of films in which time is a significant theme or presence. As time could potentially include almost everything—and indeed comprises the materiality of film itself—their final selection therefore became as much about the interconnections between the films themselves.

We are pleased to present works by the following artists: Yvonne Rainer, (US), Hand Film, 1966 (shot by dancer William Davis) Sarah Hudson, (Ngāti Awa, Ngāi Tūhoe and Ngāti Pūkeko), Harirū, 2018 Darcell Apelu (Pākehā/Niuean), Next Time, 2019 Juliet Carpenter (Pākehā) and Evangeline Riddiford Graham (Pākehā), Luma Turf, 2013 (features Akil Kirlew) Laura Duffy (Pākehā), I remember remembering, 2017 John Smith (UK), Slow Glass (excerpt), 1988/1991


  • Sat 04 Dec — Sun 05 Dec


  • 10:00 am — 10:00 am

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