Opening 5.30pm, Thursday 28 April

Priscilla Rose Howe is fascinated by the realms that we cannot see, what we cannot touch, with the subconscious, the dissociative, the afterlife, and the paranormal.

Since she was young Priscilla has chased otherworldliness. As a queer artist, she sees potential in otherworldliness. The characters in her work live out the freedom that exists in these disparate spaces — in a society that isn’t so heteronormative, so based on a binary reality.

Her intricate pencil drawings reference the fantastical and fluid world of films, cartoons, circus, and vaudeville — spaces where theatricality and performance take centre stage. Performing has long been a part of her life. With her drawings, she creates spaces for her characters, and our imaginations, to perform within and challenge how we operate within domestic and built environments.

The works in Green Lipped are set in the theatre of the domestic environment on the wild West Coast, a place of refuge and memory for Priscilla. In these works, her characters are performing the act of preparing and consuming food, of entertaining, of dreaming.


  • Priscilla Rose Howe


  • Thu 28 Apr


  • 5:30 pm — 7:30 pm


  • Level 1 Mibar Building
  • 85 Victoria Street
  • Te Aro, Wellington 6011