Exhibition Opening


Light enough to read by emerged from discussions around the return of The Physics Room’s library into the gallery and to public access. For the last three years, since the shift to the current site in the Registry Additions Building, much of the library has sat in boxes. The specific needs of this shift—sufficient and natural light, space for reading, listening, and resting—offered a script for us to work with in the development of this project. Underpinning this was the idea of the exhibition itself as a form of publication, and ‘text’ as something social, material, and lived, subject to conditions of light and weather.

Works by Connor, Skaer, Shearer and Livermore open out from these ideas, transforming the gallery. A metal hare runs, runs, low to the ground, across the wood floor; daylight comes in again and the workshop doorway is open; the gallery breathes like a lung with the names of Waitaha’s winds. Each of these works rely on dynamic relationships: with grammar and syntax, ko ngā hau me ngā wai (winds and waters), architecture and light, positive and negative, chase and flight, oxygen and lungs, reader and listener, fabricator and artist, correspondent and recipient, sequence and rest.