Keep The Record Playing will explore the future of physical music formats from the perspectives of four enthusiasts within the Aotearoa New Zealand music scene.

The proliferation of digital music formats has ensured the development and distribution of music is now quick, easy and cheap. While technology advancements have threatened the existence of material formats for decades, some are going from strength to strength with many rare and limited releases becoming extremely coveted items. The physical and tactile nature of antiquated music forms seems to be ensuring their survival, but as we move more rapidly into wireless lifestyles, will they last for long?

Matthew Crawley (Flying Out Records) will lead a panel discussion with Luke Wood (Curator, A Short Run), Stella Corkery (artist and musician) and Kim Martinengo (founder of 1:12 Records) surveying where we have been and how we could be listening in the future.

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Previously entertainment manager at The Golden Dawn Tavern of Power, Matthew Crawley now manages Flying Out, one of Auckland’s eminent record stores.

Stella Corkery is a visual artist and drummer and has been involved in numerous bands including Angelhead, Queen Meanie Puss, Sweetcakes and White Saucer.

Luke Wood is the curator of A Short Run: A Selection of New Zealand Lathe-Cut Records. He is Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design at the University of Canterbury’s Ilam School of Fine Arts.

Kim Martinengo is one of the founders of 1:12 Records, an Auckland based label specialising in short run vinyl releases by Auckland bands.


  • Free


  • Thu 21 Nov


  • 6:00 pm


  • 13 Rose Road
  • Ponsonby, Auckland 1021