Join us for the launch of renowned New Zealand architect, Pete Bossley’s new book One Year Drawn.

‘A generous and open sharing of personal reflection.’ –John Wardle, architect.

Architecture and drawing have been dual obsessionsfor Pete Bossley, one of New Zealand’s foremost architects. This colourful and engaging book by Point Publishing Ltdrecalls the watershed year that helped to shape these shared loves.

As a young architect, Pete Bossley sets off on a 12-month voyage that takes him to Japan, Europe and the United States. With 10 ragtag sketchbooks as his companions he draws the buildings he experiences, the places he visits and the people he encounters along the way. Evolving from descriptive to expressive to atmospheric, the sketches from his travels reflect his dawning awareness of space and light and their transformative influence on architecture.

In a refreshingly candid observation of his younger self, Bossley revisits the journal entries and drawings that chronicle his year of exploration and transports the reader to some of the world’s most celebrated architectural landmarks.

‘Computers offer no replacement for the immediacy and pleasure felt by the action and the love of drawing,’ says Bossley, whose enthusiasm for abstraction in form and colour has evolved from sketchbooks to paintings and new technologies explored alongside his award-winning architecture.

This event is part of the Festival of Architecture.


  • Free


  • Fri 27 Sep


  • 6:00 pm


  • 13 Rose Road
  • Ponsonby, Auckland 1021