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Join Enjoy for the opening of two new exhibitions by Ashleigh Taupaki and Quentin Lind.

In All This Work Is Necessary, Taupaki presents a series of layered maps consisting of the archival text media and legislation that has negatively impacted the Hauraki wetlands. Spanning a period of 200 years, Taupaki draws wayfinders and annotations on nationally enacted bills to convey the systematic decline of these landscapes. Transparent papers line the gallery, weighed down by rocks sourced from Hauraki, to depict the publicly available literature that largely contributed to colonial operations within the region, namely the draining and removal of the swamps that Māori called home.

A Map So Big It Blocks the Sun is a new film by Quentin Lind, taking its name from Jorge Luis Borges' On Exactitude in Science, a short story in which an empire builds a 1:1 scale map in pursuit of the perfect cartography. Using this text as a starting point, Lind maps a space for ritual magic in an environment darkened by dry rationalism. Taking cognisance of gothic literature, moments of the past intrude upon the present so that time may stand still.

Enjoy is grateful to celebrate with catering by Seeds to Feeds, an initiative celebrating locally grown, naturally grown, community-building food, and with the generosity of Double Vision Brewing, Everyday Wines, and THE EXCEPTIONAL DROP. by Elisabeth Pointon.


  • Free - All Welcome


  • Fri 24 Nov


  • 6:00 pm — 8:00 pm


  • 211 Left Bank
  • Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington