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You are warmly invited to celebrate the opening of Maisie Chilton’s latest exhibition of work, Full moon puku, hosted by The Conch.

This series explores the transition into parenthood through the medium of oil paintings.

The creative practice of artist, poet and educator Maisie Chilton explores the intersection of trauma, disability and radical vulnerability. Her work is motivated by the urge to heal and process complex experiences via the mediums of painting and poetry. Chilton’s work invites us into the depths of her own psyche and welcomes our engagement while inviting us into a safe place where we can share, examine and explore our own personal painful histories and experiences.


  • Sat 07 Oct


  • 2:00 pm — 4:00 pm


  • The Conch
  • Top Floor of the Tugboat / Boat cafe, Oriental Bay
  • 139 Oriental Parade