Join us for the Opening Night of three new exhibitions.

'Eden Arts - The First Karekare Residency' with artworks by John Horner, Neal Palmer, Nicholas Pound, and Krystie Wade.

With their four entirely different responses to the West Coast environment, this show brings together artists at differing stages of their career who have all spent periods of time this year creating art at this historic homestead close to Karekare Beach. Their work variously references the ocean, the native flora, the Hillary Trail, light and moods, sinking sand, and the beauty yet potential savagery of the landscape.

'East': Short Animated Films

This curated screening of short animated films from various Eastern regions of the world – Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East – seeks to celebrate the richness, imagination, humanity, humour, and skilled craftspersonship of animation that is not typically found on the Western blockbuster circuit. The animations can be enjoyed by all ages, from 3 years to 103!

Drawings by Michael Prosee - 'Red Liquorice On A Hot Day'

Michael Prosee’s drawing practice reconsiders drawing within contemporary art practice. No longer limited to a notebook, or pencil on paper, drawing has been re-defined more broadly as a mark-making process on a surface. This is reflected in the variety of mixed media, ranging from watercolour, to ink, coloured pencil, pastel, even collage, which are utilised in the creation of these works.


  • Mon 10 Dec


  • 6:00 pm

Pah Homestead /TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre

  • 72 Hillsborough Road
  • Auckland 1345