Join Laree Payne Gallery for the exhibition opening of Outside In, a group presentation including new works by Alana Wilson, Emelia French, Daegan Wells and Conor Jeory.

In conversation with Emelia French surrounding her approach to working with clay (whereby her interventions tend to be direct and relatively quick) I had the thought that she likes to get at the clay before it has time to 'wake up'. The sentiment of this idea is reflected across the works; the unwashed, sleepy face of the raw material is selected and embraced for the natural qualities it brings with it. This very intentional and relational way of interacting with materials is the linchpin of this particular exhibition which brings together domestically scaled works in clay, textiles, printmaking and native timber.

Working with the land, process, gesture, and a gentle hand, Emelia French, Daegan Wells, Alana Wilson and Conor Jeory contribute to Outside In, a material forward exhibition whereby each artist approaches their practice with immense consideration and care.


  • Emelia French
  • Daegan Wells
  • Alana Wilson
  • Conor Jeory


  • Fri 20 May


  • 5:00 pm — 7:00 pm


  • 286 Victoria Street
  • Kirikiriroa, Hamilton