Parlour Projects at Auckland Art Fair: Matt Arbuckle and Emma Fitts

May 1-5 2019

Parlour Projects exists to bring influential contemporary art to Hawke’s Bay. Over the past three years the gallery has presented a range of dynamic exhibitions by emerging and established New Zealand artists. We are continuously seeking new ways to engage with our audience and contribute to the wider contemporary arts conversation in a meaningful way. Parlour Projects is delighted to present a two-person stand by Matt Arbuckle and Emma Fitts at the 2019 Auckland Art Fair. The two bodies of work are tied together by their focus on material and form, in particular, the artists’ use of fabrics and textiles within the works. Matt Arbuckle’s paintings are comprised of trilobe knitted polyester silk, while Emma Fitts’ textile sculptural works are made from wools, linens, silks and cottons. Both artists question whether it is possible, through the careful manipulation of the fundamentals of abstraction — scale, format, composition, colour, mark-making and support — to imbue a surface with complex information or meaning, namely, an emotional narrative.


  • Matt Arbuckle
  • and Emma Fitts


  • Wed 01 May — Sun 05 May

Auckland Art Fair 2019

  • The Cloud
  • Queen's Wharf, 89 Quay Street
  • Auckland 1010