Whitespace is pleased to present a new exhibition of work by Pete Wheeler.

Wheeler's work defies classification. Dissonance, disjunction and discord describe the disparate themes Wheeler weaves together in his combinations of unexpected imagery. From his earliest exhibition Wheeler has never been reluctant to confront big issues. Social faux pas do not register in Wheeler's practice. He shamelessly makes verbose claims belying his personal opinion on themes including religion, sex and politics.

Pete Wheeler is a New Zealand artist, currently living and working in Berlin, Germany. Wheeler lived in Dunedin during the late 1990s and early 2000s, graduating with MFA from the University Of Canterbury. He has held solo shows in New Zealand, Australia, America and Europe.


  • Pete Wheeler


  • Sun 10 Mar


  • 2:00 pm — 4:30 pm


  • 20 Monmouth Street
  • Auckland 1021