Judy Darragh’s Competitive Plastics considers many questions. What draws us back to the tactile, the textured, the patterned? What attracts us to the way things sit, droop, bundle, or wrap? How can we recycle, reuse and repurpose the objects that accumulate around us?

For the final event presented as part of Competitive Plastics, Ōtautahi based improvising musician and composer, Noel Meek, responds to the exhibition and presents a new musical composition for a small ensemble with found plastics. Exploring the relationship between human and non-human participants in music and the geological nature of our obsession with plastic, Post Anthropocentric Anthem engages directly with the thought and material of Darragh's show.

Noel Meek is an improvising musician and composer based in Ōtautahi, working with electronic, electroacoustic and found instruments. His work in recent years has taken a turn towards the non-human world and te ao Māori in an effort to explore what decolonised music truly rooted in the whenua of Aotearoa might sound like.

Meek studied ethnomusicology at the NZSM and contributes regularly to The Wire and other music publications. Through his record labels, End of the Alphabet Records and God in the Music, he has promoted experimental music from Aotearoa and other unusual parts of the world through tapes, lathes and musicians’ publications. Meek is also a performance teacher and runs workshops in improvisation in music.


  • Sat 07 May


  • 4:00 pm — 5:00 pm


  • 66 Gloucester Street
  • Ōtautahi Christchurch