Join us for a series of Sunday film screenings in January selected by Senior Curator Aaron Lister for their resonance with Hilma af Klint: The Secret Paintings.

Hilma af Klint has put modern Swedish art on the map. Her works are National Treasures. Ari Aster’s folk horror film/fairytale Midsommar (2019) offers a different take on Swedish tourism. A group of American grad students travel to Sweden to experience traditional summer solstice festivities and become far more than just observers. Midsommar is seeped in folk traditions, gore, and in art. Aster acknowledges af Klint and other artists associated with theosophy and occultism as influences. Her work is a presence felt if never seen in the film.

Attendance is open to anyone who has bought a ticket to Hilma af Klint: The Secret Paintings. Film attendance does not allow access to the exhibition unless you have a ticket for that session.


  • R18


  • Sun 23 Jan


  • 2:00 pm — 4:00 pm


  • Te Ngākau Civic Square
  • 101 Wakefield St
  • Wellington