Join artist Chevron Hassett and Gallery Director Zara Stanhope for a tour of the latest exhibitions, offering insights into the artworks, themes and histories touched on in There Is No Other Home But This and Surveying the Surveyor.

There Is No Other Home But This surveys the practices of two artists whose work is a space to celebrate and explore contemporary life as it connects to the ancient cultures and beliefs of families: Khadim Ali and Areez Katki.

Comprising of new textiles, embroideries, animation and other media, the exhibition is rich in associations with the beauty and drama of literature and history from ancient Persia, and explores their Parsi and Hazara ancestry through the eyes of the artists today.

Surveying the Surveyor: Chevron Hassett’s artwork in the Open Window is a new addition to his on-going project interacting with colonial narratives, specifically histories that have shaped the identity of communities and their landscape.


  • Sat 05 Mar


  • 10:30 am


  • 42 Queen Street
  • New Plymouth