Join New York-based, New Zealand artist Jess Johnson for a workshop that will reveal her unique drawing techniques based on popular culture influences from film posters, sci-fi book covers and music fliers to fan art, geometry, comics and illustration. If you like Genetekker Archaic on our forecourt you need to come to this.

Jess Johnson was born in Tauranga, New Zealand in 1979 and lives and works in New York. The concept of world-building lies at the center of Johnson’s work, which reflects her interests in science fiction, language, technology, and concepts of consciousness. Over several years, her drawings have documented an increasingly complex fictional world; they are meshworks of symbology, humanoid clones, messianic figures, and alien runes placed in architectural settings. Her drawing practice feeds into installations and collaborations in animation, music, fashion, Virtual Reality and textile art. These additional mediums bring the world of her drawings into physical and virtual spaces, providing an immersive experience for audiences.

Workshop bookings are essential, each workshop is two hours long.


  • $25


  • Sat 17 Apr


  • 11:00 am — 2:00 pm


  • Corner Worcester Boulevard and Montreal Street
  • Ōtautahi Christchurch, 8140