Outdoor / Online Participatory Performance

6 June - 5 July


A month of Walking about in fog that begins at your front door and is shared online.

Walking about in fog is free, and easy. To participate, you can do it anywhere and anytime you like for the duration of this project. Simply go for a walk on a foggy day, take a photo of the fog you are walking in, or walking towards, and email it to fogwalking2020@gmail.com.

In Auckland, winter is a great season for fog. Artist Layne Waerea has long engaged with the physical and conceptual practice of chasing fog and, with Walking about in fog, she is inviting Aucklanders to follow a full lunar cycle of fog by walking with her and collaborator Lana Lopesi. The month starts with the full moon on Saturday June 6 and culminates with the following full moon on Sunday July 5.

For the duration of the full moon cycle, Waerea will be offering a limited number of vouchers for local businesses to those who walk about in fog and share their images. The first time a participant's images are posted to the website, a voucher will be sent to them by email, giving them the opportunity to support any of the small businesses featured on https://sosbusiness.nz. (The voucher offer is only valid until the artist runs out).

Walking about in fog follows on from The chasing fog club (Est. 2014) that invited members to chase fog any way, any time and anywhere; the proof of which was uploaded to the club blog.

Email photos and/or video to: fogwalking2020@gmail.com Website: walkingaboutinfog.com Facebook: @walkingaboutinfog

Walking about in fog is part of Te Turu Waitakere Contemporary Gallery's current Walking about series of performative and participatory walks that travel across Auckland with Te Hau a Uru – the West Wind.

Layne Waerea (Te Arawa, Ngāti Kahungunu) is an Auckland based artist whose practice involves carrying out performance art interventions that seek to question and challenge social and legal ambiguities in the public sphere. As a former lawyer and lecturer in law, Waerea uses this experience to inform her performance interventions with a particular focus on how te Tiriti o Waitangi could continue to play a critical role in the developing cultural fabric of Aotearoa.

Lana Lopesi is a retired artist turned art critic and author of False Divides (2018). Previously Lana was at The Pantograph Punch where she served as the Editor-in-Chief (2017–2019) after a term as the Visual Arts Editor. Before that, she was Founding Editor of #500words (2012–2017) and Editor of Design Assembly (2018). Lana is currently a PhD Candidate at Auckland University of Technology.


  • Free


  • Sat 06 Jun — Sun 05 Jul

Begins at your front door and is shared online.