The Public Stand is a choreoauratic walk that pays attention to the uncertainty of what lies ahead for the Avondale Racecourse. Through walking with and listening to the site’s histories, this choreographed event reimagines lost and forgotten stories, and present and possible futures. Wearing headphones, the participants listen to a downloaded soundscore which invites them to tune in to the site, their moving bodies, the disappearing and the unseen. As a collective, this community walks together and apart, going nowhere in particular, navigating social distancing and walking towards the unknown.

‘Slowing down to listen, the sounds sink inwards to the middle of me... Slowing down my pace in the cityscape in order to make visible the hidden spaces, lost landscapes - feeling the shadows cross me, the back streets… the voice of the street – that become a part of us.’

Meet at the bottom of Racecourse Parade, Avondale.


  • Free


  • Sun 21 Jun


  • 3:00 pm


  • Racecourse Parade, Avondale