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In Watch This Space, the Footnote New Zealand Dancers present a physical response to Genuine Article, the Annie Mackenzie exhibition at the Sarjeant Gallery.

Footnote New Zealand Dance presents a physical response to visual art in Watch This Space. This unique dance experience provides a different perspective on the way that art-forms connect with and respond to our lives. Combining improvisation and a short performance, Watch This Space at the Sarjeant Gallery will include an excerpt of Dry Spell, a thrilling new dance work that will be performed at Whanganui Opera House on the 18th May.

This is a FREE event but bookings are essential. Spaces are limited.


  • Phone 349 0506
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  • Tue 17 May


  • 12:00 pm — 1:00 pm


  • 38 Taupō Quay
  • Whanganui 4500