How do we see the object? What do we see? What is the object's story?

Sometimes we encounter strange man-made objects. These objects look foreign, made for a specific purpose but appear other worldly.

Participants will experience the joy and difficulty in seeing and describing objects. Acclaimed Munich-based jeweller and object maker Peter Bauhuis will lead a step-by-step experimental series of exercises on methods for unpacking the object and the ways in which this leads to creating new ones.

This is a soft workshop, utilising two and three dimensional sketching. The workshop will help participants reflect on methods for examining and understanding objects and their context.

The course is suited to people interested in working in 2D and 3D. It is suited to contemporary jewellers, visual artists, craftspeople and designers.


  • $50 with lunch provided


  • Sun 09 Dec


  • 10:00 am — 4:00 pm


  • 13 Rose Road
  • Ponsonby, Auckland 1021