Word Weathers is an interactive durational writing performance that considers the radical nature of now-ness as a temporal state of atmospheric contingency bound by location, observation and critical reflection on the state of a biosphere in crisis.

Over the course of 24 hours, a full rotation of the earth, on 21 June 2022 – the Winter/Summer solstice – we collaborate, write, read, image, sound, respond, edit, augment and supplement a single continuous text and mark-making performance visible to all event participants. This online performance writing exchange will include others situated around the globe to participate as guests to watch and record their weather. Our collective efforts will be to become weather: to mark the moment of transition from navigational, geographical and meteorological thought and the emergence of an extended dawn around the globe.

About Word Weathers


  • Tue 21 Jun


  • 7:00 am — 12:03 am


  • Online