Nichework is an interrogation and exploration of the labyrinth of birth, pregnancy, and the movements created and performed during gestation. Performed by gallery artist Zahra Killeen-Chance, it considers her own body and pregnancy. This will be Killeen-Chance’s fifth performance for the McLeavey Gallery.

Nichework will follow a singular pathway or labyrinth which has an opening, centre, and exit. Using both disciplines of dance and art, Killeen-Chance uses her body, music, and the motions and nuances that these create in order to tell a story, unsettle our way of seeing things, and ultimately experience something with her whilst also being part of the ritual that is taking place.

Labyrinth has a dual meaning. Firstly it connotes a maze of irregular twists and turns in which it is difficult to find our way. Secondly it suggests the inner structure of our ears which give us hearing and balance. This duality of definition could be seen as the journey of pregnancy in which unpredictabilities and obstacles appear, which we must overcome and travel through, always tuning into our senses until the end. But is there an end? The next step is parenthood, a labyrinth in itself.

Nichework will be ritualistic in its approach. Although the unknown will be encountered in a labyrinth, Killeen-Chance sees this as a meditative opportunity to gain insight into the journey.

In Nichework, the artist will be wearing a knitted costume created by the AUT Textile Design Lab. The sound score for the performance has been created specifically for Nichework by music artist Emi Pogoni and is evocative of the ebb and flo of water. Pogoni also created the soundtrack to the artist’s last performance at the gallery earlier this year, Angular Momentum.

The performance will take place at the McLeavey Gallery, 147 Cuba St, on 6 July at 2pm and will run only once, for 30 minutes. Afterwards, the audience is welcome to make their way through the labyrinth themselves.


  • Free


  • Sat 06 Jul


  • 2:00 pm


  • 147 Cuba Street
  • Wellington 6142