• Vishmi Helaratne

Laree Payne is pleased to present Āyubōvan, a solo exhibition of recent paintings by Pōneke (Wellington) based artist, Vishmi Helaratne. Exploring themes of identity, adaptation and escapism, Āyubōvan is the visual articulation of the experience of a first generation Sri Lankan migrant.

Vishmi’s paintings may be explained as ‘high relief’, a term usually ascribed to sculptural works when they sit proud of the surface they are on. Each comprised of hundreds if not thousands of small, piped mounds Vishmi’s paintings are reminiscent of the beaded garments they wore to dance as a child; delightfully and excessively embellished.

Āyubōvan sees familiar spaces that performed temple-like functions for the artist at different times throughout their life. Integrated with both memories and imaginings, Vishmi's paintings reveal rich, hybrid environments of respite, refuge, solitude and community.

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Opening Hours

  • Wednesday - Friday: 11-4pm
  • Saturday: 11-3pm
  • or by appointment


  • 286 Victoria Street
  • Kirikiriroa, Hamilton